So - in the 25 hours since yesterday evening, we've given two performances preceded by two rehearsals - both of which involved being passed from holding room to rehearsal room to stage and back ( just like choir camp, Adam said), and a interest session at the hotel.  It was a lot of walking from room to room and waiting, but it was fun and we saw all kinds of people along the way.  It all started last night with a rehearsal on the stage of Chicago's Symphony Hall which we showed you yesterday.  Today started with our interest session - if there had been rafters people would have been hanging from them - very flattering.  Matt walked everybody through the process from the concept through the premiere through the recording of Mason Bates "Observer in the Magellanic Cloud" with the score projected on a screen.

Yes, that's Michael McGlynn looking up at the screen. Seeing him always brings back happy memories of our debut tour to Ireland in 2009.

the next holding room at Roosevelt University ( Gregory's alma mater) prior to our rehearsal.

then the next room - where Steven Sametz appeared and joined a spontaneous warmup to get the kinks out after all our sitting and marching.  We were premiering his Brock Foundation Commission piece at the top of our program.

Then onto the stage of Roosevelt's Auditorium Theater, which is vast ( the stage and the house.)

There are close to 5000 people at ACDA in Chicago.  The Roosevelt U. performance probably accommodated about 3000 of them.

Between rehearsal and the performance we got to run out and eat as the concerty started with speeches and performances by choirs from Latvia, Canada,   andTaiwan.

By that time the performance which accommodated the remaining 2000 people had already begun over at Symphony Hall.   We left the Roosevelt stage in a hurry and walked over there..  Fortunately the weather was fine - just a light misty rain. On the way a voice rang out "Chanticleer sucks."  It turned out to be Adam's brother who lives here.  Very funny.

We had about half an hour at Symphony Hall to wait for our appearance which we whiled away communicating with people who weren't there, and taking pictures.

Then a last power walk through Symphony Hall to the backstage. Little did we know that our marks which we put down in rehearsal had been removed.  That made for a certain amount of anxiety since two of our pieces ( Bates and Chen Yi) had a certain amount of choreography and we needed those dots!

Crystal certainly adds something to our visuals, doesn't she?

The performance seemed to go well - we got a standing ovation after "Cells Planets"  - our program closer from a crowd full of choral people from all over the country.

Thanks to ACDA for inviting us - we are always happy when we can work a convention into our schedule and  to see so many old friends and fantatical choral people, and so many singing young people.  Thanks to Crystal for making the trip - especially since she has to be back in class at Stanford tomorrow morning.  By the time she's there we'll be arriving in Cincinnati for our annual appearance there on Friday night.