Back in the grandeur of St. Ignatius for the final concert ( the 26th) of this extra long Christmas season. It's the fitting place to end, full of so many familiar faces and families gathering for Christmas Day. St. Ignatius is the biggest Bay Area venue in which we perform - it seats l700 and that's how many were there! We try to take advantage of the acoustic and also to get close to everybody, by singing Biebl's Ave Maria from the second balcony, and covering the whole ground floor with our caroling.As if by a miracle, and completely unexpectedly, the big storm let up at concert time; we feel lucky to have had such a smooth and successful Christmas season, and now to be resting up a bit. See you in the New Year, and remember to tune in to Prairie Home Companion on January 12 where we'll be live from the San Francisco Opera House. Happy holidays and all the best to come in the New Year.