We're putting the final touches on our Christmas program and looking forward to a relaxing Thanksgiving Day tomorrow.  Most of us will stay right here.  The arrival of the schedule for the forthcoming 23 Christmas concerts, indicating our departure on Friday for Fairfax, Virginia is what makes it really real for us.










Another clue is the merch cases ( AKA penguins) full and waiting to go out, under the supervision of alto and Merchandise Manager Adam Ward.










And, on the home front, our wonderful friend on volunteer Evelyn fulfills orders for CD's in our conference room.  The sight of the piles rising up around here is a sign that our CD's will find their way into Christmas stockings all over the country.  Thanks Evelyn!








Plenty of things to look forward to - our traditional start to Christmas in Virginia where we now have four concerts, glamorous 4th Presbyterian Church in Chicago,  our debut ( just about sold out) at St. Ignatius Loyola in New York,  a return to Westhampton, New York, then home for the longstanding Bay Area tradition that is "A Chanticleer Christmas."  Hope to see you along the way.  Or, if we don't see you, we hope you'll hear us on American Public Media's network of radio stations starting about mid-month.  Meanwhile, Happy Thanksgiving!