Four days after we returned from Europe, we hauled off, in a monumental traffic jam, to Sparks, Nevada where we gave our final performance of "Love Story" ( that program must have a million miles on it after going the length and breadth of these United States, and three times to Europe) at the Casino at John Ascuaga's Nugget in Sparks. Great audience - including some people from the very beginning, and who had seen us last there 20 years ago. Nevada's not a state we visit frequently. The genius sound guy made the room work, and we enjoyed the show - and the biggest promotional exposure we've had all year ( see below.) A few days off, and we're back for our 35th season - a pretty remarkable milestone, we're sure you'll agree. Easing back into work, we had a 'Music Day' in which we put away music from last year and recycle. It takes all day, and got the better of Matthew Knickman ( photographed under a pile of recycling by Casey.) On Monday we'll begin rehearsing our new program "The Siren's Call" and look forward to seeing many of you around the U.S., and in China - our only international tour in this season. First stop is Thousand Oaks, California on September 6.