You may have been wondering what we've been doing since we left you off in Singapore. We recovered from that trip and set to work on our program of Venetian Renaissance music -"La Serenissima." We've looked forward to this program all year. It's as difficult as any other music we may do - requires huge amounts of concentration- and the rewards are sensational. We had a dress rehearsal today at the Mission Dolores Basilica - a fitting place because Chanticleer's first ever concert in l978 was in the old Mission Dolores.


We open tomorrow night ( June 12) in Berkeley, at First Congregational Church. 99 members of the Phoenix Children's Chorus will be there, having had a workshop with Ben Johns during the afternoon.

Friday in San Jose, Saturday in San Francisco, Sunday in Sacramento- these are Casey and Michael Axtell's last concerts with Chanticleer. Then we'll be off to Sonoma on Wednesday for our last official activity of this season- our Chanticleer in Sonoma workshop for 60 adults from around the country. The final concert of the workshop is on June 23 at 4pm at the new Green Center at Sonoma State University. Admission free.