Horse-riding, of course!, of which Cortez writes: "we had a blast, Brian seemed to have been a natural, while I struggled a bit when we decided to pick up some speed.  I was bouncing up and down, sorta like a bobblehead, despite my tryin to grip my legs around that huge horse.   Dylan was bounced for a while, but he felt he got the hang of things on our third "sprint".  Anyhow, after we finished riding, we enjoyed a little bonus activity.  We got on the back of a truck seated on bushels of hay and our instructor showed us some of the end of the day cowboy duties.  After driving a circular path closing off waist high fences, we stopped at the last one and waited briefly, only to see the herd of horses running around the path, followed by a cowgirl keeping some of them in line. It's a different kind of life than ours, to be sure, and we were really glad to glimpse a little bit of it."