As is well know, we have a long and intense association with the California missions, in particular with the Mission Dolores where Chanticleer was born in 1978. That concert happened in the historic mission, which is next to the new Basilica where we now perform. The Basilica this year celebrates its 100th anniversary. As Brian said in his remarks last night, we may not have been born in the Basilica but we were baptized there. As part of the opening celebrations we were invited to appear for a small invited audience and we were happy to sing music by Desprez, both Gabrielis, Victoria, Palestrina, Merulo and Monteverdi. This was also the official debut of Darita Seth and Marques Jerrell Ruff, our new countertenor and bass-baritone respectively. We will be unveiling She Said/He Said on September 20 at the San Francisco Conservatory. Then after a short Bay Area run including Santa Clara, Lafayette, and Sacramento we will be hitting the road.