A beautiful day crossing the alps through Italy, Austria, Switzerland and into France where we have arrived in time for a serious heatwave.

Given that it was a big holiday travel weekend, a heatwave was building, and that it was quite a long way - our day was remarkably smooth and we actually arrived in Aix les Bains ( by the beautiful Lac du Bourget)  a bit sooner than expected.

A highlight of the day was the most excellent rest stop restaurant we've ever seen.  It was in Switzerland and therefore wildly expensive, but it was worth it to have an unexpectedly nice meal.

An internet moment was also possible ( our bus, while very nice, is not wired...)

Somewhere Leonard Bernstein is happy that his Norton lectures can be watched on a computer on a bus in the Tirol.

Our performance tomorrow night is up in Le Chatelard in the Bauges mountains. The festival had us here in 2008 and 2009 and kind of adopted us - they invited us for 2010 but we didn't come to Europe last summer.  We're looking forward to our return!