We all wandered around, found things to eat, visited jewelry and other shops and observed Rigans enjoying their Sunday afternoon. On our first evening, Cortez had met a girl from UC Berkeley who invited him over to her house for fondue. Michael met a famous designer whose show had just opened. Ben and Alan may have had the most excellent adventure. They looked for and selected a cafe to sit in and play cribbage - a game played by their grandmothers and not so well known anymore. Soon they were surrounded by girls - who turned out to be actresses in training who were curious about the game and asked to learn to play it. One of their friends was the barista of the coffee shop/tea house. After about six hours of cribbage, and as discussion turned to dinner, Ben and Alan helped the barista carry the dishes back to the kitchen and close up the coffee shop, and the girls proposed going to a restaurant owned by a friend. The five new friends (Alan, Ben, and 3 girls) then went to the restaurant. It was immediately obvious that the owner is very involved with the arts and artists and particularly jazz - he showed his tickets for events he had been to, pictures of artistic celebrities who had been in and so forth. After about an hour he came and proposed a visit to his back room. The girls said that this was a very unusual invitation. The back room was a kind of projection room. When they went in a film was playing of the Latvian Radio Chorus, of which Latvians are very proud. He selected from among his many jazz DVDs something called "Step Across the Border" a 90 minute filmed jazz improvisation which was pretty obscure. After this, cards were exchanged and he said he would try to come to the concert tonight. Ben then went on to the Irish Pub to join Dylan and Matt Curtis for superbowl watching which some made it all the way through (it started at 1am here.)