The Mission San Jose in Fremont was built in l797 by Fermin Lasuen as part of the original mission chain.  Many missions along the mission road were destroyed or severely damaged by earthquakes in the l9th century, this one in l868.  Primarily through generous private philanthropy, the Mission San Jose underwent reconstruction starting in l982 to restore it to its state in 1830.  The reconstructed adobe was completed in l985.  It's an unique story among the missions.   The interior is scrupulously and lovingly recreated, and it's a lovely place to perform.

LAB performed outside ( today in a very agreeable temperature) to get the audience in the mood for our Mission Road program.

We're now two for two - standing ovations have greeted this concert in both locations so far.  There are lots of people who love to return with us to our early music roots, to enjoy the enchanting music of New Spain.

Tonight: our third stop -  the Mission Santa Clara.