Last night after the Musikverein we were given a lovely party by the US Embassy's #2 guy (a music lover) at his residence. A number of young choral singers from Jeunesse Musicale's new Youth Choir ( they started theirs just about when we started LAB) were there, so of course the evening ended with some impromptu singing. None of that prevented an excursion led by Alan early this morning to the cemetery 20 minutes down the streetcar route where Brahms, Beethoven, Schubert, Ligeti, Schoenberg, Lotte Lehman and so many musical luminaries reside. We serenaded them a bit, then raced back to the hotel for the noon departure for Vienna airport.A relatively short flight brought us to Dusseldorf - and, amazingly, we didn't have to change to another flight - we just got on a very high end bus, and were driven the next 90 minutes or so to Eindhoven where we will perform tomorrow night. That arctic air we've been hearing about - it's here! Here's our day - especially for those of you who think our life is all white tie and tails on famous stages and Embassy receptions. We have to get there, first!