The Valle d'Aosta is a small region of Italy in the alps close to the French border. There are many choral groups here, and the regional government supports them - in part by presenting days such as today when we worked in the morning with about 100 children, and in the evening with close to that many adults. The kids had come from all over, some of them having left home at 7 in the morning for this experience. Ben Johns and we worked with them on a song called "Never Grow Old", which they will sing at the beginning of our concert here tomorrow night. They were great!

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Later the same day close to 100 adults arrived - all members of various choruses around here. What a thrill to hear an Italian chorus - they sounded wonderful and they sounded like Italians!! We worked on "Calling my Children Home" and Biebl's "Ave Maria" both of which they will sing at the end of our concert tomorrow night. 




we join the soloists for Biebl's Ave Maria 


A light bite and some conviviality.


The Italian chorus rehearses for tomorrow night.


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