As this is our third European tour in 12 months, there's a certain sense of disbelief. Did we really just pass through Frankfurt airport, and now find ourselves in Maulbronn, Germany where we will perform at the famous Monastery on Thursday night?? Deja vu and disbelief at the same time. This will be a lovely tour though in six very special and stunning locations, so please come with us. Eric got the full going over as we started out - not really ( he doesn't think) because of the mustache or the message, but because he refuses the x-ray security. Great excitement - particularly with airplane buff Adam ( did you know he knows all about every plane there is??)- to discover that we were making our first trip on the new A-380 which has about 600 passengers. It's BIG. You can tell it's heavy, but in our compartment you didn't really have a sense of the mile long aisle behind, going up to rows in the high 90's...Lots of people traveling, but we escaped the FF airport, drove a couple of miles, and here we are hanging outside the hotel, figuring out what to do with the rest of the day.