Aymavilles is in the happy Valle d'Aosta where the local government significantly supports the practice and appreciation of choral singing. Imagine! After our day of work with almost 200 singers -children and adults- yesterday, we came back on Thursday for our concert in the Aymavilles Auditorium. By the time the concert started the building was vibrating. Ben had warmed up and rehearsed the kids for their number which would open our concert, then the adults for their two numbers which would finish our concert. They were all in the lobby during our warm up, while the equipment was being set up for our first ever THEATERCAST!!! Because the concert was sold out, and the parents of the children wanted to see the concert, a transmission was set up in a room off the lobby. Since the sound from the hall came out to join the transmitted sound, and the photography was very sensitive, we're told - that was a great experience and a first for us. The choristers were seated in the audience, and responsible, no doubt, for deafening response to every single thing we sang. There was a fantastic atmosphere in the room - all about music and the shared love of singing it. A very impressive a cappella women's group sang some Abba and a Swahili song for Ben on the way out. You can imagine, and see below, the joyous gathering in the lobby after. We have another concert tonight - this time in the town of Aosta - so we will see many of these new friends again.

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