We arrived in New York from Virginia on Monday in time for some of us to go check out the Great White Way. Guided by Casey who knows how to get the cheap tickets and everything, some of us went to see Newsies - a first Broadway show experience for some. The weather outside was frightful, but last night, a huge crowd made it to the magnificent Medieval Sculpture Court of the Metropolitan Museum where we have given Christmas concerts for 21 years - a great tradition which spans Eric's whole Chanticleer to date. This year the tradition comes to an end; next year "A Chanticleer Christmas" will take up residence at St. Ignatius Loyola at 83rd and Park Avenue. Same neighborhood, and, we hope, a lot of the same people will come see us there.

It was the same wonderful kick off to Christmas for us as usual, we loved seeing the tree, and all the familiar and friendly faces - many of whom start lining up before 5pm for the 6.30pm show ( because it's open seating.) We do appreciate their warmth and fidelity.

This year's Met concerts are separated by 5 days. In between we'll be busing around the northeast - to South Orange, New Jersey, Boston, Mass, and Purchase, NY. This season's unusually long period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is enabling us to get to places we don't usually get to - like Santa Fe next week!