A few weeks after the conclusion of Skills/LAB 2, the echos of a hard-working, joyful week are still reverberating. Since many of the participating singers will continue to interview for jobs and audition for other choirs, plays, musical theater shows, and maybe even college voice programs, we decided to devote the last day of Skills/LAB to polishing up auditions skills. We offered classes in Drama, Solo Vocal Performance, and Dance, also touching on how best to organize audition materials like head shots, resumés, and audition repertoire binders. Here are some pictures of the Dance session we had - the direction was to explode with a jump. LAB 7 will start up this weekend in brand-new fashion. The ensemble will come primarily from the East Bay, and will be guest directed by Bruce Lengacher. Bruce has been the Director of Choral Activities at Acalanes High School for several years now and has brought his choirs regularly to participate in Chanticleer's Youth Choral Festivals in the past. We're testing out a collaborative model of LAB Choir which could support LAB ensembles in multiple regions simultaneously. Education Director, Ben Johns, will still be at every rehearsal, assisting Bruce and the LAB singers to achieving conductorless musical bliss. Stay tuned for LAB 7 progress reports!