A bus ride from Plougastel, with Mt. St. Michel and other sites to the left, got us to Fecamp on the Normandy Coast, by way of MacDonald's, the evening before last. Today we had time to explore the lovely town, in sunny weather, have a long leisurely lunch with Susan and Dennis Carlyle (Susan is on our Board of Trustees) who pop up to see us pretty much all over the world. The last time was in Ravinia, and before that it was Budapest. We so much appreciate their coming here, and we love their company when they turn up. Tonight was the first performance of our sacred program "Le Mystere," in the very grand Abbatiale de la Trinite. This abbey, which has a very important history, was built around 1200 of the cream colored stone of Caen on which the evening light had a very beautiful effect. Richard I and II, Dukes of Normandy are buried there. Many people remembered us from our concert in the Cathedral of Rouen 5 years ago, and there seemed to be a number of Belgians present in the wonderfully attentive audience.