On our way back to San Francisco yesterday, we encountered the LAX TSA Chorus in the airport and joined in - a lovely surprise  in an airport where you tend to expect the worst ( marathon security lines in particular...)


We had flown to LA on Wednesday from Sacramento for our annual performance in Walt Disney Concert Hall where it always seems that there are tons of audience members who know us well!

It's always a thrill to be in one of the world's great concert halls, and to see friends at the post-concert reception in the Founder's Room.  One of the Christmas tour traditions is that - in addition to rain in Sacramento - there are storms up and down the west coast when we go to LA.  Not this time, however. We arrived back in San Francisco without incident, and had 24 hours at home before heading to Berkeley tonight.  The storms are arriving here in Northern California and will, it seems, attend the rest of our Christmas tour.  That makes our concerts a nice cozy retreat for folks, even if they're hard to get to!

At the half way point in our own Christmas countdown calendar there's Cortez, whose younger brother is with the Air Force in Afghanistan.  His family (including Cortez) will gather in Maryland without him,  sending him all their love and waiting to see him back safely.  All of us join them in that prayer.

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