Alan looked down into the audience at last night's concert in Selva Gardena and was startled to think he saw his mother. Startled because he knew she was in Pennsylvania; if she were in the Italian Alps he would have known.After the concert he approached the woman, whose name was Clara, and told her how much she ressembled his mother. She responded warmly. She had brought a lot of friends to the concert and enjoyed it enormously. Alan still couldn't get over how much she looked like his mother - and neither could we.

After the 40 minute trip back down to Brixen, Alan and Matthew K. decided to go for a glass of wine. They entered the bar to a great roar of welcome which turned out to be Clara and her friends. She invited everybody back to her house - close by and across from Brixen Dom in a building which housed high level clergy. A memorable evening of song and conviviality ensued. It turns out that Clara is a known and accomplished singer and an incredible yodeller! Alan has evidence on his I-phone, and we'll try to get it up here for you.

The lady in the third photo down is Alan's actual mother!

These are the moments you couldn't predict or bring about - it's the serendipity which makes life on the road so much fun and so rewarding.