The Louis A. Botto ( LAB) Choir acts as Chanticleer's In-school Ambassadors. Ben Johns, Chanticleer Education Director, and director of the  LAB Choir, writes

The Lab Choir had some really great successes today at Albany High School. We ended up doing four performances for a total of 180 students, with two choral exchanges. This picture depicts one of the sing-along exchanges: Lab Choir read along with the host choir on pieces they were working on after we performed. We were there from about 7am to 3pm...and with all the performing I think the lab kids will sleep well tonight.

Meanwhile, Matt Oltman writes from Kingwood, Texas High School where he gave a masterclass today.  He wanted us to see the magnificent performing arts center at the high school - he couldn't help but notice that it seems to be twice the size of the athletic center.


We have a concert tonight at the United Methodist Church in Kingwood.  It's 90 degrees here!  Last night on a night off some of us were lucky enough to get into the dress rehearsal of Peter Grimes at the Houston Grand Opera which we were interested to hear, especially as we're singing Britten's Ode to St. Cecilia on our "Out of this World" program.