Two buses, two planes, and a 45 degree rise in temperature, and we had arrived in Antwerp from St. Petersburg. Antwerp is one ofthe cities new to us on this tour - the others being St. Petersburg, Moscow,Cork, and Friedrichshafen. While we love returning to our favorite cities and concert halls, we also live to discover new places. AMUZ is a totally ingenious and surprising place for performance opened in 2006. The Augustinius Music Centre ( hence, AMUZ) has a fundamental mission towards Early Music Concerts. It is a church, St. Augustine, which no longer functions as a parish church, with a newly built surround to create reception for the public, and the backstage areas. Entering through the deceptively modest contemporary entrance you get your ticket, hang up your coat, and proceed into the bar, formerly the chapel, and from there into the church. The sound was great. Cortez greeted the audience in Flemish - as Eric had done in German, Brian in Hungarian, Marques in Czech, and Adam in Russian.