Most of us rose reasonably early, despite our late arrival last night, to follow Elena Sharkova on an expedition to Red Square, the Kremlin, the mausoleum of Lenin, the church of St. Basil, lunch at a Ukranian restaurant, and several metro rides. It was a beautiful sunny day - the light unfortunately making impossible the classic photo of us in front of the onion domes. There's us in front of the Kremlin instead. It was all truly awesome. Meanwhile Jace went to the airport to recover Gregory's suitcase ( with concert clothes) and arrived with it as warm up started. After warm up Eric, Brian, and Marques gave television interviews.Svetlanov Hall in the International House of Music (the red building, not the Kremlin, pictured below)is 10 years old, 1700 seats, and has a good acoustic. We were hard put to read the audience as we went along, but Elena pointed out that they were smiling - not something they do all the time. By the end they were standing and cheering. Our Russian folk song went over extremely well, as did Adam's opening announcement in Russian. Elena pronounced it a historic day for Chanticleer. Tomorrow we take the train to St. Petersburg for our sold out concert in Mariinsky II.