Every year, like clockwork ( and isn't that what the Christmas season is about) Chicago follows New York.  We've never seen 4th Presbyterian so full for the first of two concerts presented by the Chicago Symphony.  Every last row in the balcony was full and as is often the case with our Chicago audience, they were very quiet all the way through, and noisily appreciative at the end.  About 150 High School students were in the first few rows, and lots of friends and family were there too.

We also visited WFMT for a live broadcast and interview.  Carl Grapentine, the host put us at ease ( performing live on the radio in a very small space is always a bit nervewracking)  and we think it went quite well.

We're on again tonight  at 4th Presbyterrian - always great to be able to settle in for a few days, especially in a great city like Chicago, and since so many of us come from the heartland.