How do you get from Huntsville, Alabama to Hibbing, Minnesota in one day? Our Logistics Committee worked hard on this so if you have better ideas, don't write us - it's too late!

You leave Huntsville at 7am (escaping the storm which did serious damage to Northern Alabama where we were) and drive for two and a half hours to Nashville International Airport. Turn in the rental cars.
Wait a few hours.
Fly to Minneapolis-St. Paul, wait a few hours,
fly to Duluth, Minnesota, rent some more cars and drive an hour and a half to Hibbing. All of this took about an hour less than it will take us to fly from San Francisco to Shanghai next week! That's one way to think of it.

While everybody works very hard to make our routing as logical as possible, sometimes it's just not - nobody's fault. On our tour in Europe this July, we will have some very big days crossing the entire country of France to get to the next gig. On the other hand, if you check out the blog for last August, you can see that spending whole days rolling around France in a bus in the summer is not really not such a hardship.

You just have to like moving around or the Chanticleer life is not for you.
We're in Hibbing at the start of a week of workshops and concerts which we've organized in collaboration with Minnesota Public Radio. We wanted to kind of cover the state -Hibbing
(near to Canada) is certainly a place to start! It's ever so slightly snowing...

arriving in Hibbing, Minnesota.