Back to New York for a lovely private event on Fifth Avenue  this evening.  Everyone loves New York in the spring, of course.  This year the pollen count is off the charts -they don't even have a chart big enough!  We all know about singers and allergies - they seem to have more than the general population.  Your average opera singer in New York today would be residing in the drugstore or a windowless room.  So what about us?

Gregory: I know a lot of singers who get really testy about flowers indoors, and I know  people who wouldn't know the difference between Spring and Winter if it sneezed on them. Amateur singers and students tend to react negatively, but perhaps because Chanticleer sings practically every day, in sickness and in health, even the boys who may have some issues don't seem to be concerned.  In answer to my question - do you suffer from allergies, and if so what do you do about it?
Adam Ward (with absolutely no expression): Nope. (This is to be expected, since nothing on Earth really seems to be able to affect Adam's voice.)

Ben Jones: Not really. If I do, I do, and there's not much anybody can do about it.

Jace Wittig: As soon as winter is over, I take a Claritin every day. (When asked if it was preventative in the way of keeping him from being ill he responded:) It's preventative, period. If there is pollen in the air, it's not that bad for me. I get itchy eyes, but it doesn't make it hard to sing. It's just easier.

Cortez Mitchell: No...not really. I mean, I'll sniffle if there's a bunch of flowers inside, but it's not that big of a deal.

Gregory again: I used to think that I had no allergies at all. My mom had horrible allergies, so the fact that there weren't portions of the year where it was difficult to breathe for me meant that I assumed I was free. Now, I know that when there's a lot of Spring in the air, I'll feel it, but that's about all. I try not to stress out over it.
So now you know - that's us and allergies, on a cloudy but beautiful blossom filled spring day in New York City.