We're nearing the end of a big spring tour. We have had great times and memorable concerts and master classes in New York State, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee. Now we're in the last state of our springtime tour of the eastern seabord + Ohio.
Yesterday a masterclass and concert in Lima, and today a concert in St. Peter in Chains in Cincinnati, a traditional stop for us to which we always look forward. Tomorrow, home to prepare for our next Bay Area concert series in June which will be a fantastically beautiful program of music written under England's Tudor monarchs. We want to see all you Bay Area people there! Before that we will take a quick swing to Malibu and Santa Barbara to the south of us, and after that - an appearance at the Ethnic Dance Festival in San Francisco and THEN, to bring this busy season to an exotic close - off to Expo 2010 in Shanghai. Details about the latter are changing by the hour - so there are sure to be exciting and unexpected things to report. What a season it will have been...

From this tour - here's a review from North Carolina - that was a whole week ago!
And Dylan settled in for a meal at Packard's in Lima.

Classical Voice of North Carolina
Chanticleer has been called an "orchestra of voices," and this concert of a cappella singing showed why. You would expect to hear a nice blend of voices ...