Yesterday it was 85 and summertime - that seems to be over in favor of the weather we were expecting up here.
We arrived in cold and rain and saw for ourselves how high the Red River still is. We were resolved to come on ahead even if we had to sing on the sandbags... it is great that the waters have subsided, the concert could go ahead, and there was a huge turnout. The performance at Concordia College in Moorhead is the last event in our Minnesota residency, organized by Minnesota Public Radio.

Concerts here are held in front of and under Wanger shells on the basketball court. A really warm and present sound!

Concordia is yet another choral center in Minnesota, where we've performed a number of times over the years. The audience (including lots of students) clearly loves vocal music and gave us a deafening ovation. This was a great week, and we look forward to coming back often.
In four days we'll be in China. Hope you'll follow along!