Leaving a beautiful day in New York for a beautiful day in Atlanta. We're heading for two performances in the legendary Spivey Hall at Clayton State University in Morrow, Ga. Sam Dixon who directs Spivey writes some lovely things about us in his blog: "Some of Spivey's happiest days are when Chanticleer sings here." It's quite mutual!

Bus to Newark Airport. Adam's coffee has an interesting effect...

At a recent Q and A our newest member Gregory was asked if there had been any strange things to adjust to when he joined Chanticleer. He said that the first time you go to an airport and you AREN'T accompanied by 11 other people of whom you're subliminally aware at all times-THAT's pretty strange...Of course this wasn't one of those times.

Last stage - waiting for the rental car bus. All in all, a pretty normal day of travel for us.