We stayed in Pompadour, in the Correze, where the Chateau was home to the Marquise de Pompadour. The Mayor of Pompadour greets us before our visit to the Chapelle St. Blaise.

St. Blaise is the Saint who looks out for throats, so it was probably a good idea to pay a visit. This Chapel (formerly of the Marquise de Pompadour) re-opened two months ago restored with a massive mural on canvas by Andre Brasilier.

There is an Haras National ( horse breeding farms belonging to the French government) in Pompadour which happened to be showing off its stallions the day we were there.

The 12-14th century church of Arnac where we performed, a short and beautiful ride from Pompadour. A great thing about summer festivals all over Europe is that we can see the countryside, and not just the big cities.

The enthusiasm and curiosity of the French audiences is always very rewarding. We performed in this festival last summer, and were happy to see people we recognized.