Back in the studio to record some more. It's taking a long time to get Mason Bates" "Observer in the Magellanic Cloud" down. It's difficult, but we think you'll think it was worth it! Very interesting piece on a Maori chant for which we got help with our pronunciation - kindly provided by Robert Wiremu over the phone from Auckland, New Zealand. In addition to being a native speaker of Maori, he knows the IPA and how singers go about achieving 'diction.' We thank him a lot, and hope the result will be worthy of his efforts!
After the Bates piece, about satellites in the Magellanic Cloud picking up the chant of ancient Maoris, we moved on to Jan Sandstrom's "And the word became flesh" which you will hear at Christmas-time. Chanticleer commissioned both of these pieces, the latter with the help of the Osher Pro Suecia Fund.
We're enjoying Fantasy Studios and the patience and good humor of producer Don Fraser.