We are in the Ardeche, after a spectacular bus ride from the Correze, through the Auvergne and the Puy de Dome.
And, finally, it's hot and sunny!

The regional products get our attention!

The Chanticleer Olympics continue. ( See Lessay to Pompadour for gymnastic events.)

Our Hotel, Les Persedes, wins the Prix Chanticleer for the best pizza in the world

LaBeaume is a small village on the river of the same name which joins the Ardeche River in the famously beautiful Ardeche Gorges nearby. After our rather large bus was maneuvered into the village, this was our first view of the Eglise de LaBeaume where we will perform for the Festival LaBeaume en Musique.

The view from our 'dressing room.'

The plaza in front of the church has an outdoor restaurant and lots of life.

Warm up in the church, which was restored in the mid-l9th century, and holds about 300 people.

Arriving in the plaza to begin the performance.

The church doors were open for a few minutes at the beginning and again for the encore, which attracted curious passers-by.

The church was packed and very intimate. As always, it seems, in France, there was an enthusiastic public who love music but had not necessarily encountered this kind. A joyous discovery, many of them said. CD's flew off the table.

A delicious dinner outdoors was offered us after the performance. We returned to our hotel late but very happy to be in this part of France, on a beautiful day.