Leaving Aix-les-Bains

and we arrived 700 or so kilometers later in the Cathedral City of Rouen for a concert the next night.

We were looking forward to performing in this magnificent Cathedral which is the kind of setting for which some of our earlier music was written. The sound just goes into the air and suspends itself there. We didn't hear it that way, but we're told that's what happened!

The intermittent rain didn't keep people away!

Les Musicales de Normandie is quite a new festival; obviously it has already developed a wonderful audience.
We leave tomorrow for Poland for our first ever performances there. Eric has been in 30 countries in his Chanticleer career- Poland will be the 31st. China will be the 32nd. Hard to imagine right now, but we'll be there for the first time in May, in Suzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing. There will be a patron tour accompanying us - in case any of you might be interested in that forthcoming adventure.