Auld Lang Syne was the theme song for the television extravaganza opening the Nanjing Choral week in which we just participated, making us exit wishing for a glass of champagne... for a number of reasons.. and slightly confused about whether we were coming or going. It was a day. 12.30-4.30 full dress rehearsal for the several dozen choral groups involved. As it started all the foreign groups were cut back to two numbers - leaving us with The Siren's Call and Somebody to Love. Chen Yi and Freddy Mercury - it seemed right. We rehearsed the whole show complete with the announcers traditional here. At the end of that we were informed that the audience might want something more for us, so we added Willow Weep for Me to the end of our set which happened finally against the most echt-American view - The Road, going we know not where. The Police chorus which followed us continued to amaze - high D flats were coming out of those tenors, and were they loud!!! Choristers with elaborate costumes ( like the Koreans, the Maoris, and the Slovakians) remained in them all day. The first hour at least was to organize the return to the stage of everybody for the final Auld Lang Syne tutti in which we all held and shook hands with our new friends. One of the most fun moments was in our staging room when we got to singing some pop and broadway with the Koreans. It was a day that promised to last forever but it's over in a blaze of glory. We got a very nice response, and had some lovely moments with others from around the world who found themselves in this unanticipated one of a kind moment.