After our summer adventures - which ranged from staying home to going to Europe and lots in between- we are back in the Kanbar Center on Page Street rehearsing two new tour programs.  Their first airing will be in Europe in a few weeks.  New singers Kory Reid ( soprano) and Matthew Knickman ( bass baritone) had scarcely joined us when we were all turned out on the street for photos.

This is in fact the street where Chanticleer lives.  Our building is across the street with the red awning.  The painted wall seemed to offer an ideal backdrop for photos, although not without distractions from others who would like to have been using the wall and some small dangers (mainly to  photographer Matthew Washburn  as he tried to get enough distance on us.)

The other challenge is always to form up into what we fondly call 'the scrum' in order to achieve a photo in which all of our faces can be clearly and closely seen.  The scrum, whether formal or informal  is probably the most often used of our photographs.


It all worked out in this and another location in the SOMA ( South of Market) area. They'll be posted soon!

We're all about Love this season - the touring program is called "Love Story", and includes works by De Vivanco, Durufle, Jannequin, Strauss, Sametz, Whitacre, Tavener, Arlen, Ellington, and a Big Finish which we'll reveal soon..  Our sacred program is called "Divine Love."

Next month in Europe we'll be at a lot of exciting places - the Bremen, Rheingau, Schleswig Holstein and Mosel Festwochen festivals in Germany, Labeaume, La Chaise Dieu, and Le Chatelard in France,  Brixen in Italy, Villach in Austria, Krakow ( now San Francisco's Sister City) in Poland, and our first time at the Edinburgh Festival.  Stay tuned to the blog for daily updates on our adventures.