One of our more memorable Casey-led excursions was to Venice. It was last January, we were in the north of Italy, it was very cold, but Venice ( which some of us had never seen) was a mere 4 hour train ride away. We went and came back in the same day, with 6 or so hours between trains to soak up the fantastic sights of "La Serenissima." It was a great day and gave us all kinds of background for our current program of music by Monteverdi, both Gabrielis, Rore, Willaerts and more including the majestic sacred music of these composers followed by some very sophisticatedly naughty madrigals. Tonight's audience in Berkeley (including the 99 student choral singers from Phoenix) gave us a standing ovation. Friday in San Jose, Saturday in San Francisco, and Sunday in Sacramento - our last concert of this season.