Our grandest and most opulent Christmas location is, no doubt, Stanford's Memorial Church, dedicated in l903 in memory of Leland Stanford, one of the founding benefactors of the University.

Tradition held up this year - MemChu was packed and it was pretty chilly down there on the Peninsula.

Our dressing room is just off the sanctuary.  Called the Round Room,  it gives the feeling, as Gregory likes to say, of being a fish in an acquarium as people pass by the low windows.

Our response to Jay Leno's send up of us two years ago - a favorite on our YouTube channel- was created in this very room!  Last night we filmed ( on Brian's I-phone - operated by Jace- on which the "Cells Planets" video was created) the last installment of our forthcoming Christmas video, "Everywhere I go.."  Stay tuned for its imminent release - as soon as Brian finishes editing it.

What with the release of our concert on American Public Media tomorrow, our Live Concert Tweet feed on Saturday night, and our soon to be new video, there are lots of ways for you to tune in!  We hope you do.

Now that we're rounding the bend into the final stretch of our Christmas concert series, we'll check in with a few ensemble members, starting with soprano Kory Reid - on his first Christmas tour.  The legendary Christmas tour is always a sort of baptism of fire for singers new to the ensemble. Kory  professes to be just fine, though pacing his voice carefully, and very interested to see all the different venues in which we perform on our  little tour of California architecture.

Tonight- Sacramento.