Performances of The Siren's Call in Lafayette and Sacramento last weekend went very well,the audiences included tons of students from local high schools - that always puts lots of energy into the room which everybody enjoys.  Audience favorites continue to be Jaakko Mantyjarvi's eerie shipwreck piece about the actual 1994 sinking of the MS Estonia, and Tom Wait's ode to emotional shipwreck "Temptation."  The new gospel medley ( by Jace and Gregory) also gets a good response.

Lucky us - next it's the Pacific Northwest then the Rockies.... today we flew to Medford on a rather small plane,  It was almost like having our own plane, with 5 or so others along.  Sometimes people ask if we travel in our own plane.  We don't.

First year singer Michael Bresnahan seems very happy about everything, so far!   What's not to like?   Dates this week and next are in Ashland, Spokane, Missoula and Moscow.  Four beautiful states in 6 days, with a national park or two along the way.   The sirens will be calling and we'll premiere this season's sacred program "And the word became flesh."

 We arrived in Medford, have rented our cars and now off to Ashland for tomorrow's masterclass with an early music group called Raiders of the Lost Art (sounds promising)  at Southern Oregon University, and concert at their Music Recital Hall.