Hope you saw us on TODAY this morning!  We sang the Biebl "Ave Maria" for millions without having to get out of bed!  We should also be on at 8.50am tomorrow morning ((Christmas Eve.)We were lucky yesterday to be driving from Carmel to Santa Clara between storms.  It was menacing looking but that was about it.  The Mission Santa Clara is always lovely at Christmas, and our concerts very well attended.  We had to turn people away from both shows.

Former ensemble member Gabe Lewis-O'Connor came with his wife Lauren from Kansas City for some holiday time.  Always good to see former colleagues in the audience.  Todd Wedge was also there - he had already come to St. Ignatius with Justin Montigne.

A big shout out also to our Board Chair Kathy Henschel and Development Committee Chair Peggy Skornia who turned up just about everywhere on this Christmas run - from New York, to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Carmel, Santa Clara, Oakland, Berkeley...many of our board members attended Christmas concerts in New York and Los Angeles and around the Bay Area, but Kathy and Peggy went above and beyond and we really loved seeing them out there so often. Thanks, ladies.

Here's a lovely review from Carmel you might like to read.

If any of you feels bad that we were NOT named by Gramophone ( an English publication) as one of the top 20 choirs in the world - don't.  We're OK with it - being named as a puzzling omission ( which we were)  may be just as good!  So we're not one of the 20 top choirs in the UK (....most of them were British).... really, we're OK!!!

The next to last of our 12 'dudes of Christmas' as somebody called us in a review oh so long ago at the beginning of the Christmas tour - is Alan.  He's staying at home in San Francisco and will be having a romantic Christmas Eve dinner out tomorrow evening, then an at home dinner which may involve duck for Christmas day, and a restful holiday which will involve buying a couch and not much else.

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