The Bankhead Theater in Livermore opened five years ago.  Three years ago the Livermore Performing Arts Center invited us for Christmas we're we've been every year since.  We hear that the tickets are pretty much gone by the end of summer, and it's now apparent that there are many regulars in the audience.  So - a new Christmas tradition to add to the many longstanding ones on our California Christmas tour.  We hope it is, at any rate, and the audience seems to hope so too.


Good traffic and weather karma has continued to attend us this year.  The 45 mile trip over to Livermore can be a nightmare - yesterday it wasn't, and we were fortunately far away from the mess created around Candlestick Park by the 49ers game.  And so far, no rain.

The last person off the stage after warm up is always Tour and Stage Manager Brian who checks the marks, checks the stage, communicates with the resident crew and makes sure it's all ready for us to walk back out.

Brian's going back to Knoxville, Tennessee for Christmas. All except one of us have plans to be with family this Christmas ( no honeymoons in Dubai or anything like that) and we'll be spreading out into 10 states:   Alabama ( Gregory,) Oklahoma (Adam,)  Virginia and Michigan ( Cortez,) Ilinois ( Ben and Michael,) Wisconsin ( Matt C. ), Pennsylvania (Matthew K,) New York ( Casey,) Southern California ( it really should count as another state-Eric and Kory,) and Alan says he's staying here, though maybe he's going East... he's usually undecided at this point.