LAB 4 gave some really fun concerts last week! But don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself on YouTube: here
and through Chanticleer's Facebook Page: here

I love how, within 30 seconds of posting on facebook, the videos were "liked."

First was our concert at St. Mark's Lutheran Church on Memorial day. Gorgeous acoustics, beautiful interior design, a lovely crowd, and the LAB singers performed admirably. The LAB concert featured music about love and relationships to parallel the concert set currently underway for the 12 men of Chanticleer, "Romantic Chanticleer."

Then on Wednesday, LAB 4 visited Concord HS for some choral exchanges. We sang three concerts for as many choirs and had the privilege of hearing Ladies First, the award-winning all-female barbershop group at Concord HS. During one of the breaks between classes, we learned how to clog (perhaps there is video evidence...that may emerge on facebook). One of the students, a championship clogger, knew the dance I was teaching! What are the odds of that?

Coming up tomorrow at Chanticleer's concert in Walnut Creek, there just might be a special event involving LAB 4 and a bunch of other high school singers. We'll have more video on that after it happens. Or you could show up to the concert and see it live!