Cortez reports that the Howard Performing Arts Center was lovely, and the audience intimate and enthusiastic.  The hospitality provided by the presenter was DELICIOUS!  As you all can imagine, and any of you who knows us will attest, food is an extremely important part of touring, and a great food moment will long remain in our hearts and minds!  We always have food backstage to sustain us from warm up to performance because we don't leave the theater between them ( except for example that last time in Spain when some of us ran across the street for tapas at a bar before the concert) and then again at intermission.  Last night's offering in Berrien was exceptional!

New (getting older all the time) countertenor Darita Seth used to work at Bob Evans and seemed nostalgic when we saw one.  Brian and Cortez couldn't resist enjoying Darita having the customer experience with his old employer.  He seemed so happy to be back!