Our 13th concert ( in our 9th country) happened tonight in Cork for a crazy enthusiastic audience full of choral singers - some of whom we knew from our workshop last night. This is a new version of the Cork Opera House, the original l00 year old one which had seen all the greats of the British stage burned to the ground in l955. We were in several colors. The previous event of the day was a visit to the office of Catherine Clancy, the Lord Mayor of Cork, to observe our Sister City-ship and deliver greetings from San Francisco. We sang "Flower of Beauty" for her, and we could swear that a tear was forming in her eye. She told us some interesting things about Cork - e.g. that it is the second deepest deep water port after Sydney, in the world- then took us to a really lovely and relaxed lunch. We appreciated her warm welcome and spending so much time with us.

At 8am Matt and Michael ( the latter one of our two singers of Irish extraction) got up and went to see the Blarney Castle and kiss the stone... pictures are said to be forthcoming.

All in all a day packed full of good things. We leave our hotel at 5am tomorrow to fly to San Francisco via Heathrow. As exciting as it's been, we'll be happy to be home.