It's been touch and go today in Kansas, what with the snow, the wind chill ( -18 at worst) and all, as to whether our concert could take place.  We came up to Wichita last night to be closer.  As we speak Jace and Brian are doing the scheduled masterclass at Bethel College Memorial Hall for the College Bel Canto Singers, Concert Choir, and Open Road (an a cappella men's ensemble.)  They reported that the roads are OK, there will be some snow but not tons, so we are just about to head out to the concert which is going on as scheduled.  But, as we said, BRRRR - 'bitterly cold' is not just what we're saying - that's what all the weather reports say.   There are all kinds of performing groups on the road in the midwest now - the Kronos Quartet, the Cleveland Orchestra - all of us scrambling to try to get through the weather make our gigs.  We're thrilled we'll be seeing folks in North Newton tonight.

Here is a review of our Orlando performance in KC the other night - and another very erudite commentary which we enjoyed.  Here's another one; we're always happy to go back to Chanticleer's roots and sing early music for people who also love it.