LAB 7 finished up its series of performances including retirement homes and schools,with an appearance on the  Acalanes High School winter concert on December l8.  Congratulations LAB 7!!   This LAB session took place at Acalanes High School in the East Bay which made it easier for East Bay students to get there.  LAB 8 starts on January 12 at our premises on Page Street - the same day we appear on Prairie Home Companion up the street in the Opera House.  There's still room in LAB 8 so contact Ben if you're interested.  LAB 8 will be helping us celebrate our 35th anniversary on March 22.

On Friday Ben was on his way to Jordan Middle School in Palo Alto when he heard about the events in Newtown on the car radio.  They didn't know at Jordan yet, so he was able to have a great session with those students just before the world changed a little more.