The Louis A. Botto Choir is Chanticleer's auditioned youth choir - students 14-20 who, for 10 weeks work REALLY hard, every Saturday all day, and then in performance around the Bay Area. LAB 9, consisting of 12 singers, has embarked upon the performance part of their session, for which they receive college credit. Today they rehearsed in the lovely acoustic of St. Mark's Lutheran where we gave our season preview concert a couple of months ago. Tomorrow they will provide music for the All Saint's service at the church. One of the things that makes us most happy is the repeat participation in LAB, which is somewhere over 80%.Circular stickers on notebooks tell you how many sessions a singer has been in. Soon they will be heading into Christmas with their own school choirs, as we will be when we get back from Tennessee on Wednesday and continue on our Christmas rep.