Since we were last here ( in 2008) the beautiful city of Krakow and San Francisco have become Sister Cities.  We had too little time, but spent a beautiful warm sunny day enjoying some of the sights, and the food on offer in the main square. Kielbasa, pirogi, mushrooms, and more We performed again this time in the Dominican Basilica - at the end of the street in this picture. The church is very busy with masses which are very full.  We started our warm up in our dressing room, where we ran through Chen Yi's "Spring Dreams."  It hasn't been on our "Love Story" program but we will do it in Edinburgh on Wednesday to add a little something to the Asian theme of the Festival this year. Once the mass was finally over, the church filled up with our audience.  The Polish public is legendary for its stillness and concentration - we very much enjoyed experiencing that again. Hoping we can come back and spend more time - we feel very attached to Krakow. Tomorrow, an early departure for Edinburgh and the last concert of this tour.