Having arrived last night in the dark, we woke up this morning to find ourselves here (in Villach Austria, 10km from Slovenia), on a brilliantly sunny and hot day

Time to walk around, try the pastries and ice cream, see the sights

The  12th century Bergkirche Tiffen was a short half hour trip upwards

Singing in a small and very old  church out in the country is the quintessential  summer festival experience.  The inside of the church was more ornate and perhaps smaller than you might imagine from the outside. Our Village Wedding circle was unusually intimate and our 'big arc' was not so big.

Austrian Broadcasting's equipment also had to have its place.  This was the 4th concert to be recorded for broadcast of the 5 we've given so far.

Another nice characteristic of this kind of summer festival experience is the outdoor walk in the warm evening from the dressing room in another building to the church.

The church was filled to capacity - about 225 people - who ended up standing and wanting two encores; we gave them "All Night All Day" and Biebl.  As at all the concerts so far on this tour, so many people who know us from prior performances on the European summer festival circuit  and own an amazing percentage of our discography!