These Dutch people are very hardy! Usually our concerts in ancient European churches take place in the summer time. On our winter tours we are usually in concert halls. Tonight, though, we performed "Love Story" in Eindhoven's Catherinakerk for an appreciative audience of about 150 many of whom seemed to know us, although it was Chanticleer's first time in Eindhoven that we know of. Several at the CD stand at intermission requested Biebl, so we did it as an encore. Ancient churches in Europe are not heated, or are not heated easily, as you may know. Suffice it to say that at -10C ( 14F) outside nobody in the audience took a coat or a scarf off. Their responsive was warm and they were the only audience so far on this tour which didn't applaud in between songs in the Strauss and Paulus sets. We enjoyed being back in a lovely church acoustic.






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