We were back for the third time ( the first two having been in 2004 and 1999) to sing in the great acoustic of the Cathedral Church of the Advent, built in l892. Great audience, including friends and relatives.




Several audience favorites are in the "Love Story" program. Lesur's Epithalame is a relatively recent one, but John Tavener's "Village Wedding" has been getting a great response for at least a decade now, and sells lots of copies of our Grammy® Award Winning CD Colors of Love.




Brian's mother and stepfather drove four hours over from Knoxville - we always like to see them.




Gregory comes from Hartzell, Alabama and his people always turn up when we're here.




Nice driving weather. We drove over from Thomasville, Georgia today and will go on to Oxford, Mississippi tomorrow. After that one of those days- drive from Oxford to Memphis, Fly Memphis to Salt Lake City, then SLC to Idaho Falls for a performance in Pocatello. from San Luis Obispo to Quebec City to Maine to the deep South then back to Pocatello - all in a Chanticleer couple of weeks.