What a day! Here's what you'll see on TV, we think on December 23, but we'll let you know when we know. We're pretty sure that the Biebl Ave Maria will air in the 10am hour ( Kathy Lee and Hoda.)  For the last four years we've risen at 4.30am or so to be at NBC by 5.30 or so to warm up,  rehearse, to wait a lot, to perform live on two of the TODAY hours and tape something for later at 11am.  This time we were invited to tape for future broadcast, which meant that we left the hotel at the sedate hour of 10am.  Odd to be leaving the hotel in the light!

As blog followers will know, Eric decided to replace his trusty winter coat which had done decades of service on winter tours.  He had a new one made in Shanghai last June which made its debut today.

Adam was all anticipation.  You will remember that last year he and Hoda bonded over being from Oklahoma and such.  This year he brought her book for her to autograph, since we would arrive during the Kathy Lee and Hoda hour.

One fun thing about TODAY is seeing the other guests coming in and out.  Did we tell you, by the way, that Chelsea Clinton came to the Met concert last night - she started attending our concerts while a student at Stanford and is keeping the habit up in New York, and is always so very nice when we see her.  Anyway, the first person we crossed at 30 Rock was Gene Simmons from KISS, then there was Justin Long

Then, as we were rehearsing under the grand stairway ( an event which attracted some attention - one of those random acts of culture, you might say) Kathy Lee came down and told us she loved us and we reciprocated..

When we've performed live, we've spent 6- 7 hours between rehearsing and waiting and waiting some more.  Today involved less time in the green room

and these days, of course, there's always twittering to do during the waiting time

The one disappointment in an otherwise delightful episode was that Hoda was not there today.

All may not be lost, however. At Kathy Lee's suggestion, Adam left the cover with the producer who will have Hoda sign it and send it back.

Rehearsing and taping went more quickly than anticipated.  It does take a lot of people to make television.

The director and crew and make up people and everybody at TODAY are so great to us, and so efficient - it's a real pleasure.  We taped our two songs, and off we went - free until we leave for Westport, Connecticut tomorrow afternoon. After that it's East Lansing, Michigan where the City Pulse announces us as "the 12 dudes of Christmas."  We'll take it!